About Us

It Only Takes a Single Dot

Georges Seurat did it with a million infinitesimal points of color in A Sunday Afternoon, Van Gogh used swirls and swaths of color, and Georgia O'Keeffe nuanced used of line and color revolutionized modernism.

Though the lives and focuses of these artists varied greatly, they all began the same. Every ocean starts with a single drop, so what about great works of art?

The expressionist painter Paul Klee once said that, "A line is a dot that went for a walk." In the end, that's what art truly is. A journey, an escapade. An idea embarking on an adventure through ink and paper.

Here at WalkingDots, we are proud to be by your side as you traverse your own artistic landscape. Through our art prints, greeting cards, calendars, journals and phone cases we hope we can help you unlock your creativity on the way.